Rendering of Josiah Smith Tavern

The Josiah Smith Tavern, built in 1757, and the Old Library, built in 1900, are two historically significant structures in the heart of Weston. The Tavern has been underutilized and the Old Library has been unoccupied since a new public library was constructed. This study proposed a phased plan to re-develop both properties. The first phase was to permanently relocate the Tavern's current occupants, the Weston Historical Society and the Weston Women's Community League, to a newly renovated Old Library. The second phase was to restore the Tavern to its original use as a restaurant and bar. The building would continue to be owned by the Town and leased to a private restaurant operator. A kitchen addition was proposed for the rear of the building, where it would not have a public presence. The design was approved by Historic New England, which holds deed restrictions on the property.

Rendering of the Function Room in Josiah Smith Tavern
Rendering of the Tap Room in Josiah Smith Tavern