Exterior view of Walden Street Housing

Six units of family housing in three buildings were planned for this 1.62-acre site, situated in a very prominent location in Concord. Although granted a comprehensive permit, this project had to respect several challenging design constraints. Located in the 100-year flood plain, the building had to be elevated above the ground, allowing floodwater to flow without obstruction. The foundations could not contribute to additional floodwater displacement greater than existing levels. Bordered on one side by wetlands, the buildings were sited to respect a 25-foot buffer zone. The sewage disposal system, the most technically difficult challenge, consists of a new pumping station and force main. In response to the owner's desire that the buildings not be perceived as affordable housing, the buildings were designed to recall the large single-family homes common to the affluent town. Front doors located on different exterior walls help each building appear as a single-family home. Small variations in each building and careful siting create the image of a small side street, helping the houses fit into the fabric of the town instead of setting them apart as a distinct development.